34BBD080-F631-4AD2-B434-4E2B859C1769  In spring 2017  I was very pleased to be accepted onto the flexible learning MA Photography degree at Falmouth University, and started it in September of the same year as part of the ‘Forties’ cohort, which I understand to be a shipping forecast term. We forties are the fourth intake onto the degree (there being three per year).To give myself as much of a chance of success as possible, I was lucky enough to be able to work part time for the duration of the degree.  I work in a large secondary school in Northamptonshire as a music teacher and have a relatively recent (a few years) interest in photography. However, I have discovered that I’m at my happiest when there is a camera in my hand – I’m sure that the act of taking a photograph creates physiological changes that increases the sense of well-being.


enlight51-1 With my children now living in various parts of the world, I have a few more opportunities to travel and explore new horizons, my camera is always with me. I also volunteer with Northants Search and Rescue, and am teaching myself to play the saxophone.


IMG_1674  One of the integral course requirements is that I create and regularly update an online Critical Research Journal. These pages  are a place for me to reflect on my learning and creative output  week by week.



IMG_1188Very soon after embarking on this adventure I discovered that there are lots of opportunities for interaction and discussion with other students and staff. I consider myself extremely fortunate as well as very excited to be having the opportunity to do this, and am looking forward to the whole experience and wherever it takes me.

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