CRJ week 7


This week we were asked to work in pairs and set each other a micro project . Mine was set by Jo:

Produce 6 images of aspects of one local park.
Must be clear specific elements of the park – objects or people, not large landscape shots. 
No trees or flowers as the main focus. 
Format etc up to you. 

Immediately I knew that I would go to Wicksteed Park as it’s right on my doorstep and beautiful at this time of year. I was pleased that the brief didn’t ask for landscape photography, as I like to go for shots that are a little different .

Firstly I planned to take the six in a square format, and arrange together  them in one larger image . However I  soon changed my mind, as I wanted to be more creative with their arrangement. My second plan was to take the photographs on my Sony camera, then print them on my Fujifilm Instax printer, allowing me to arrange the prints in a way that would join lines, shapes or colours that I had chosen.

Unfortunately I encountered a problem with this, as I was unable to power my mini printer, despite many attempts throughout the week to source a power cable or batteries. This was overly complicated and after 5 days of trying I decided to opt for plan C instead. Luckily I have hopefully got batteries arriving soon so I’ll be able to use it again.

Back to the park…walking through it in the hour before it closed, as the light began to leave, I looked for different angles and perspectives.  Sometimes I shot upwards (such as placing the camera underneath a sign), sometimes I shot downwards (onto a gate), and sometimes I keyed in a slow shutter setting and put it behind my back as I walked along. The photo in the header for this post was again taken on a slow shutter speed as I turned round, trying to keep the hand held camera horizontal.

The six I chose all have a common theme of either circles, posts or lines.  Some of them are edited afterwards, mostly subtly.

I chose to present them as a slideshow, so that the chosen contours move through into one another, connecting them all together in some way.  Although the brief specified no trees or flowers, it was almost impossible not to have one or two in the background.



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  1. An intriguing collection, Teresa. They give us details of the park but we don’t know the bigger picture so we either fill in the gaps for ourselves or choose to only think of the details.

    I was particularly interested by the second image of the inside of a wooden structure. Wood is usually so warm and comforting, so the barbed wire literally jarred in the frame and introduced a note of inhospitality.

    A successful response to the brief, I would say.


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