Guest lecture: Max Ferguson

28th September 2018

Guest lecture : Max Ferguson, editor (Smash&Grab; Port). (Viewed via the recording from 18/9/18)

As someone who is not looking for a career as a photographer after the MA ,Max’s talk gave me some hope that there might be other opportunities to work creatively within the photography world.

Key points for me:

  1. When he uses the term ‘young’ – he is referring to new photographers rather than being defined by age.
  2. Instagram is likely to be looked at before website by editors
  3. Try to keep style as broad as possible
  4. Max doesn’t look for particular photographers, but photographs he likes, instead
  5. Brands look for photographers with a strong personal narrative. Cian Oba – Smith uses his website as a platform to show his personal projects rather than his professional ones
  6. It’s a necessity to have a tight website and to keep it well maintained
  7. There are more readers online than for print
  8. Max is constantly looking for ways that photographers can make more money – currently there is not enough work for the amount of working photographers

To do:

  1.  Update my website
  2. Work more on my Instagram account, weed out some of the photographs which don’t fit in with the image I am trying to create. (Have a personal, and a professional one?)
  3. Look at the work of Cian Oba – Smith
  4. Find out more about the magazines that Antenne Books and Artworks Books publish
  5. Keep looking for new ideas, a niche, and ways of presenting my work

23rd September 2018