Week one task..self defining photos

Task: take one photo a day for a week that defines both myself and the week.

I made the decision early on not to take photos of my family, tempting as it was. Also, it’s difficult for me to leave my images alone, one I’ve taken them.  The originals of these five pictures were taken on five different days this week, although three of them were post-processed today, as it was my day off. They are representative of some of the activities I’ve been doing this week.

  • Me time, checking social media at the hairdresser’s
Me time
  • The back of one of the 1920s photos I am researching for my current project. Who were the Athertons?
Research time
  • Bathroom towel, printed on sun-sensitive paper; water and fairy liquid (shower gel didn’t work) splashed over the top of it and left in the sun to dry. Original shown with new image overlaid. The towel belongs to my husband who is away  on business. Dog walking and house duties are my responsibility.
  • Headphones from my classroom, printed on sun sensitive paper. Left to fade in the sun, and helped with a bit of post-processing,
IMG_20180927_0003 copy
Key Stage 3 Music
  • Lunchtime duty at school. I took a bag and picked up some of the rubbish from the field. A small amount of it was placed on sun-sensitive paper. Before and after photos overlaid.
Lunch duty