Work in Progress week 1

28th September 2018 A

s is normal practice for me at the start of a module, as yet I don’t know where my work will lead me over the next 11 weeks or so.  However I do have a starting point, and have spent time this week researching for it. I purchased another family album during the break, this time via an online auction. It is a 1920s album, approximately A5 in size, black leather bound with gilded edges. It contains photographs of a group of friends spanning the period 1919 -1932. As time goes by the photos become less about the friends and more about emerging couples and finally a baby. There are few clues as to who these people were; so this was (and still is) a first step – finding out as much as possible about them.  This knowledge (and perhaps the gaps in the book where photos have been removed) will provide the starting point for my project this module. The research started for me with a free two – week trial period with two genealogy  websites. This soon developed in my asking a semi-professional expert friend for help with the family history.  To date, we have discovered small pieces of information, (wedding date, a name) hopefully with more to follow – what was Macintosh House and who/ what was Wood at RAF Goole, 1919?

A selection of photographs from the album.