Week 3 activity: Instagram

Mostly I have used my IG account for photos ‘on the go’ – straight out of my iPhone, with no filters. Only occasionally have I posted anything else until this week, when I have taken part in the virus challenge. This has made me think far more deeply about what I am posting; and I have noticed a distinct change in my ‘likes’. My personal friends like my personal posts, whereas this week I have had more likes and followers from other photographers and artists. (This is not to say I’ve had very many, though). I realise that to get more followers and therefore more people seeing my images, I need to develop my signature to enable my audience to know what to expect from my work. Mixing personal and professional images is not a good strategy for me. Some professional photographers keep their IG feeds entirely free of their work, and still have thousands of followers; I would expect that this strategy only is viable after their own ‘brand’ and reputation has been established. Additionally I need to do further research into hashtags, I am very much a novice at this.As of yesterday my account is now a business one, and linked to a Facebook page. I’ve looked at the times of day / week when my audience are most likely to see my work, and have downloaded an app so that I can plan my posts in advance. I’ve looked at the promotion tools in order to boost a post, and this is something for me to consider once I have my signature brand decided.Things to do next:

1. Check out and improve hashtag usage

2. Separate my personal and professional accounts

3. Decide on my own particular style for IG

4. Post at regular intervals and at the same time of day

4. And then decide on an image to promote