Week three activity: image virus

This task has really got me thinking, and experimenting; and I’ve certainly not finished yet. My initial image came about using a found 1920s photo album as stimuli.

I did start off by emailing my image to contacts, but decided not to pursue that avenue as they weren’t the audience I was looking for.

So far I have posted four versions of the same image on Instagram; each of them designed to be enigmatic, part of a story. I’ve had more views when I’ve added them to my story.  Following this, I made postcards of my four images:

Screen shot of the four images
Screen shot of the four images, each one of them now a postcard too

As they all relate to the found album, I photographed the postcards together with scans of some of the album photos. Additionally, I purchased some WW1 memorabilia, linking to the album and also my images. I photographed one of these items with the postcard and original photo:

Scan of original photo over my image, with WW1 RAF uniform button
IMG_5443 copy
Scan of original photo of Monte Carlo harbour, over my image

The postcards I printed will be be posted, once I have made a list of relevant contacts.  They will be posted together with one of the scans, a piece of memorabilia; and will have my email and website address on the back, nothing else. Afterwards I will keep an eye on the stats for my website to see if this exercise has any effect.  Photos of my ‘mixes’ will be posted on IG.