Week three’s listening material

Rather than repeating everything that I have listened to, below is my summary of points discussed which are most pertinent to my own, evolving practice:

  • Interactive storytelling.  Just as it sounds, really – with the audience encouraged to interact with the narrative using technology and/or collaboration. In this way the storyline is not predetermined. Strangely, I also came across this concept in this week’ s Apprentice, in which teams were given the task of producing a comic using augmented reality (AR).
  • Another form of visual storytelling. ‘Photographs rendered in Play-Doh’ – an innovative concept using photography in a unique way by  Eleanor Macnair.
  • Storytelling via social media, in which the audience is coaxed into believing an elaborate performance. ‘Excellences and Perfections’ by Amalia Ulman had the audience convinced that what they were seeing was fact, which of course it wasn’t!