Vernacular aspects

During Friday’s webinar (12/10/18), I made a note of the word vernacular as our tutor used it in reference to my work. Quite by accident I came across it again the following day whilst reading an article by Karin Becker (Becker 2016: p. 100).

Becker says: ‘Vernacular’ includes the everyday without excluding those special, unusual or ‘historic’ occasions that people use their own image making devices to capture. ‘

She goes on to say that ‘The vernacular … (builds) on tradition and at the same time (breaks) new ground, often drawing on forms of popular and public culture, both visual and non visual’… and that it ‘represents the experience of the normal person …closely tied to the photographer’s lived experience’

It is a natural step to discuss my current work from this perspective. With my (amateur) interest in genealogy and social history,  and embracement of modern technologies with experimental methodologies; I aim to colour found photographs with modern expressions relevant to my own life experiences. One of my most recent pieces of work combines a found 1920s photograph and writing from the album page with an image I made using the album as stimuli.

Despite its vintage subject the result is a contemporary piece which is narrative in content. I don’t see this as being a stand alone picture, it will be part of a series of work yet to be completed.

IMG_1146 2