Guest interview…Maximus Barnett

Maximus is the founder of Pylot, which is an analogue fashion / art based magazine. Each issue is themed, and one of the key concepts is that no images are edited / retouched.

This interview seemed very relevant to my current position with this MA course, the timing coinciding well with my musings on the best way forward. The following points are the ones I want to note and remember:

  • Relationships (in the work world) are so important, find a way that suits you. Industry is PR driven – you need to be able to talk to clients about other things too
  • Find your own voice, know who you want to be visually
  • Note who you idolise and work out how to get where they are, professionally
  • Have a printed portfolio, and for this choose your strongest work. Keep it simple – it shouldn’t be too long. With printed it’s possible to show finesse – the physical aspect allows the viewer to come away from the screen and therefore have more engagement with it. You can also see how things work in print – and it’s better received than showing on an iPad, for example
  • Your physical edit should be different to your website portfolio
  • Consider the relationship of the images when seen together, such as colour combinations and patterns. Your edit needs to be highly selective
  • Have different folios for different clients
  • Keep clients up to date – allow them to be able to see your new work, without being too pushy
  • If you leave things with potential clients, don’t make them too fussy. (Great advice for me, just as I was about to send out postcards with other attachments – I will now simplify my plan!)
  • If approaching magazines or agencies, ensure that you identify with what they are about as you need to be able to reflect their style – do your research
  • Spend more time with your own ideas