W.S. Wood’s Victory medal and more

In these two images I have used post-processing to start to imagine what it would be like to visit a Monte Carlo casino in the 1920s, adding in the first the name engraved on to an RAF medal assigned to W.S. Wood. Wood is a character in my appropriated album. Could it be the same person?

Perfume bottle personalised with ‘Wood’ details

Feedback received during the 1:1 with my tutor suggested that there is too much information in each image, and my week’s task is to start to unravel them. To start, here are a couple of original images of the medal purchased from an online auction. The Victory medal was awarded to WS Wood for his services during WW1. Paperwork was also included in the purchase, yet to be photographed / scanned.

Unprocessed side inscription of Wood’s Victory medal

Feeling to be such a momentous occasion, I documented on my iPhone the various stages of my receiving of the medal. (See link below). To be in receipt of such a parcel seemed privileged; and I wondered how Wood (and his family) felt when it was awarded to him.

Documenting the appropriation of Wood’s medal

I plan to retake some of these photographs on my DSLR, and hope to use some of them in my project.