It’s all about networking…

My plans to network more are evolving. Therefore I will keep this brief, and include an outline of my activities and plans:

1. I have signed up for the Coventry City of Culture 2021 newsletter, as I have an idea I would like to broach with them. Before I do so though I want to make sure I’m up to date with what’s already happening with the run up to the year.

2. In town I noticed a new shop had opened and went in and engaged in a conversation with the owner. She has the upstairs to her premises opening next week and will feature work from local artists. We exchanged some details about each other, such as creative interests, ambitions etc and said we would keep in touch (initially via Instagram).

3. Visited the local museum (even Kettering has one)! I was hoping for some networking possibilities here but unfortunately this didn’t happen. I will go again to look at the ‘what’s on’ section, although the area where I live is a quite sparse, culturally. I guess it’s up to me to find something,I just need to keep looking – and in the right places.

4. I have emailed four organisations to ask if they would be willing to collaborate on a project with me. Adapting my email for each recipient, I explained what I would like the to do, and why. Briefly, I wanted them to take a photo on their phone of something (no people) and email it to me. I promised to acknowledge and reference their work. The organisations I emailed were:

a) Monte Carlo Casino

b) British Pathé

c) Grand Hotel Londra, San Remo, Italy

d) Barry (South Wales) Tourist Office

e) Cheltenham Tourist Office

f) MAYN Creative

I emailed one of these yesterday, and all of the others today. So far I have had one reply, complete with photo attachments as requested. I will be very happy if I receive just one more!

5. I continue to follow more people on Instagram, especially whose work I admire or can give great photography tips and advice, and am starting to make my FaceBook page look more business like before I make it ‘live’.

Finally, I am considering joining one of the RPS speciality groups, but so far can’t decide which one my work fits best into. So I will look further at their blogs and portfolios before I decide.