Guest lecture: Susan Bright

Curator and author Susan Bright works with her own references (such as thread). She enjoys curating far more than writing, she sees the latter as more of a necessity , something we all have to go through, rather than something she enjoys doing.

Bright works freelance for museums, this is also the preferred medium for her role to a “D.J/Plate spinner”, she sees herself as an educator, designer. entertainer, and researcher. Her exhibitions include “How we are” at Tate Britain, and “Face of fashion” at the National Portrait Gallery.

She finds it useful to use a scale model (a maquette) to design her exhibition, as it helps to work out how a real design space will look.  Recently I referred in a recent post about Christopher Agou using a maquette too. On a smaller scale, the dummy photo books that I made during the last module (and still perhaps in this one) serve the same purpose.

Like myself, Bright uses tactile objects to engage the audience. Most pertinent for me is the idea of designing a box, inside which there are pictures – every picture is a postcard with instructions on the back. This can then be played like a game. My current work will be presented inside a box and so this has been interesting for me to imagine how I might further engage the audience as they look inside.

Upcoming “Feast for the Eyes” for FOAM is both exhibition and book, and thematically (opposed to chronologically) tells the story of food in photography, curated by Susan Bright and Denise Wolff.

Links to this exhibition may be seen here: Aperture , here: Aperture; and here: FOAM