Innovative distribution challenge

This task from last week required us to find new ways to distribute our work, without printing or posting online.  I had to work on this task quickly as I was preparing for my face to face weekend at Paris Photo:

I have a transcript of recent communications between myself and a genealogy researcher friend. I’ve taken a screenshot of part of it, and overlaid with some images which form parts of the narrative I’m trying to tell, relating to a 1920s photo album I’m working with.

My idea would be to use parts of the transcript, elements of text and photos from the original album, alongside my new images. Each resultant image would be narrative – heavy . The method of distribution I would choose would be projection – either onto a surface photographed in one of the originals (eg a harbour wall, Pathé studios), or more locally within an empty shop – if I was allowed permission), library or the trees in a public garden.

Although I rushed this task,  it gave me a lot to think about and I could really see it working as a means to show my work to the general public.

If I were doing this properly, I would separate the text out more and use it in a fragmented fashion, perhaps in similar sentence lengths to text in the album.

Tutor feedback on my forum post suggested that I look at the work of Steve Messam (Links to an external site.) and Rebecca Smith (Links to an external site.) ; think about who sees my work and what they gain from it; how I wish them to respond. After mentioning that I still struggle to see who realistically will be my audience, one idea is that I show it in local libraries in places that are mentioned in my albums – and catch the audience off guard. This is an attractive idea that I will consider once my project is complete.