Noé Sandas – Walking and Remembering – Paris Photo Fair

There were two reasons why the work of Sandas caught my eye at the Paris Photo Fair. Firstly, the subject matter – the images he refers to as ‘Antique Art’ interest me because of the connection with the found photography I use. The juxtaposition of two images with a snippet of text intrigued me, making me question what the connection between them is. In the example here, there is a page of a book and a photograph or postcard. Visually I found them pleasing, with lines, shapes and textures going from one to the other. Other than that I noticed no connection. The other eye catching element to this work was its method of display. The images were sandwiched between two plates of glass and held in situ by objects not usually associated with works of art, such as an old tool vice.  The presentation allowed the viewer to walk around the work, seeing it from both sides. Other visitors were visible through the glass, thereby seeming to make them an integral yet changing part of the installation.

Post updated 18/11/18

“Sendas purpose is to awaken memories which are not yours, which are older than you, to restore connexions and renew relationships which lie in the distant past.” Taken from