Edited self portraits

Even though recent feedback hasn’t been positive about my self portraits, I am still hoping to include a couple in my project. I’ve looked at the work of other practitioners including most recently Vivian Maier and Zoe Leonard amongst others; and previously Cindy Sherman and Trish Morrissey. Sophie Calle remains an inspiration and although she is not in her photographs, the essence of her most certainly is.

My ‘Jimmy’ book has many gaps and as my practice is narrative I aim to fill these gaps with images I’ve made using the original album as the stimuli. My self portraits are not about me, but about left behind traces of events for which the full narrative is lost. The self portraiture has only a small place in it, but having considered it carefully I still wish to include it.  However, I have rethought image size and colour, and have edited two to the same size as the photos in the album (3.5 x 2.5 inches), and made them black and white.

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