Erez Israeli – Sailors (Tribute to Querelle), 2018. Paris Photo Fair

This work is of significance to my current practice. In the previous module my dummy photo book included pieces of memorabilia, in reference to old family photo albums where objects other than photographs were also saved. For my current project I am continuing with this idea, and sourced a WW1 medal amongst other things which I have photographed to include. In my case, these objects refer indirectly to photographic references (Wood, 1919, RAF for instance, led to the purchase of a RAF medal awarded to WS Wood at around the same time). Other memorabilia I intend to include are RAF buttons, wedding cake decorations, and dice.

Israeli’s work has many individual photographs as well as framed objects that presumably belonged to the sailors in the images. One of these is a gold locket with a head and shoulder shot of a young man in it. On a personal level I found these personal objects more narrative in style and worthy of my prolonged attention than the old photographs did. My reasoning for this is because each one is unique, and is a signifier; whereas I have seen a great deal of old photographs, and most of these serve the purpose of recording a face, a uniform, a historical record.