Portfolio review in Paris

Being my first portfolio review I was not sure what to expect, and there were mixed messages about how many people we would be presenting to (ie, our tutors, or our tutors and other students). The tutors present hadn’t seen my current work as far as I was aware so I had no idea of what they would make of it. Consequently I was a little nervous when it came to my turn.

It was noted that I was finding the gaps in the found album that is the source of my project; and acknowledgment that it is a mixture of fiction and reality. One comment was that the contemporary reenactment didn’t work so well, and I have also since written a post about these self – portraits and why I still hope to include them. (link here) Also to note is that they are not in fact reenactments but fictional inserts, filling the gaps where photographs had been removed.

A fellow student suggested I use sepia tones in some of these images; I chose not to follow this though feeling that this might prove too cliched, however I did convert them to black and white as this works well with the original photographs.

The photographs I showed of the ripped album pages received the most positive feedback from tutors and students alike. Since my review I have continued to work on these, including some re-shoots, layering and resizing ready for prints to be used in my dummy book.

It was suggested that I look at the following practitioner’s work:

  • Zoe Leonard (see recent post) (link here)
  • ‘Ken. To be destroyed’ by Sara Davidmann (to follow)
  • Eva Stenram ‘Drape’. I am familiar with this work and will revisit it
  • Broomberg & Chanarin – violence inflicted on photos and albums (to follow)

    As I was packing away, one tutor remarked about some of my previous work (multi-layered with mirrors and camera interiors as props); commenting that this had been successful. The work in question had in fact been the most enjoyable to create but I had stopped on advice from other tutors – not because it wasn’t successful, but because it lacked depth, and didn’t ‘grab’ . Naturally this comment has given me much to think about, and as my transition to the Final Major Project gets ever closer decisions on which creative route to pursue become more difficult! If time allows before submission of this module I may use mirrors to photograph some of the page rips.