Sara Davidmann – Ken. To be Destroyed

I looked this work up on recommendation at my portfolio review.

I found the online edit a little odd – with a mix of colour, black and white, portraits, abstract and still-life images .  My own work also works simultaneously with these genres so seeing them next to each other on the page has helped me think about which of mine should / should not be placed next to each other.

I have to decide whether I group images in my dummy book according to style or theme. I have veered between the two and ideally see them being placed thematically. However the above images of the still lives do work well together; whereas in my opinion the third line down doesn’t work as well due to the positioning of the family portrait on the end. This , I feel might have been better positioned next to the image directly below it as they both appear to be from a family album in their original state.  (Details of webpage on References page).