Guest lecture: Amy Simmons

Amy has a BAHons on Fashion Promotion and Imaging. She has worked as an art buyer, art producer, and an integrated producer.

Due to technical problems I downloaded the transcript from her talk and read through it rather than watch the recording. For quick reference here is a list of appropriate terms she mentioned.

Comping – taking the best bits from several photos and mixing them together to make one good one.

Scamps – mock ups

Legals – all legal aspects

Re-touching – adding or taking away something from the image that didn’t exist

Treatment – a document that the photographer creates which presents your approach.

Usage –  the industry standard is usually one territory (eg one country), two media (eg Instagram and facebook), and length of time (eg one year).

PPMS – pre production meetings

Contact report  minutes of the meeting

Wrapping – finishing the day

OOH – Out of Home, eg images that are seen outside the home such as bus stop, billboards etc.

DOOH -Digital Out of Home – eg posters  might pop up inbetween adverts

POS – point of sales – the oint at which you would normally buy the product

DM – direct marketing