A Sea of Images


  • Reflect on the contexts which are open to disseminate photographs today, eg, print portfolio, book, magazine, Internet, zine and gallery.
  • Provide specific examples to support your comments.
  • Evaluate their success or failure.
  • Outline how each context might ‘assign new meanings’ to the work.
  • Identify and reflect on ways in which this might inform the optimal context for viewing your own practice.

My reflection:

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 15.54.03.png

The photographs here are all illustrative, but not necessarily directly linked to the news stories they are representing. For instance, we could interpret Mo Farah here as being quizzical, angry, surprised or in a number of other emotional states. However this was not taken at the time when Farah was ‘racially harrassed’ at the airport, so this is an example of a photograph being used out of context to illustrate a news story.

Generally, images like these serve the purpose of enticing the viewer to click to read more, their uniform shape and headline underneath almost resembling an Instagram page. I think it is demonstrative of the way we ‘need’ images today as tools of narration. I wonder how many less hits the article about the death of a child would have were it not accompanied by a heart-wrenching image.

In own work, I try to tell stories through my images, juxtaposing make-believe with reality. I hope that I will be able to be successful enough to want viewers to question what they see and look for the story – without written text to support it. (Apart from an ambiguous working title!)