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Week three

The story telling continues. I have taken a few more photographs that I hope to be able to use in my project – which is to re-fill a used family album that I purchased recently.  I’ll be stepping into some of these pictures.  In my webinar this week, my tutor also suggested that I continue work ing on the ‘roses’ theme, and introduce more props. I’m excited by this and looking forward to the tale I’m about to tell.  The examples below are work in progress, and won’t necessarily make the final edit.

Week two

Some work in progress – working on storytelling within found photography.  My tutor this week was positive about the idea of discussion / conversation between the pictures.  Following on from last week’s discussion, I got the camera out and concentrated on picture taking, rather than picture making.

Week one

During our webinar this week my tutor suggested that I should make my work more forceful and less polite, and that although my strategies were working well,  the surfaces needed an extra ‘something’ to keep the consumer’s interest.

Therefore I have given new thought to my work, and although I don’t envisage changing my methods entirely, the pieces will need to be injected more ‘punch’.

Also this week I came into possession a large number of photo albums and postcard albums via a local auction.  Looking through them afterwards revealed that most of them are likely to end up back in an auction as they are not relevant to my work.  However, there are a number of photographs that will work well.  Interestingly, there is no text or information given on any of the pictures, not written in the books.  It’s obvious that they all belonged to the same person, but who he is/was is a mystery.  Although knowing names, dates and places adds interest to old photos; this anonymity has sparked further intrigue, and will allows for greater storytelling possibilities.

How my work will be presented still remains a challenge; although the reuse of old photo albums (including original photo corners) is one idea worth consideration.


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