Video Presentation and Peer Reviews

Here are the main responses to my video presentation:

Video available here

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 21.17.48Points noted from watching peer presentations.

I have written them here as if a message to myself, to take into consideration next time:

  1. In this instance, it was the content that was of primary importance
  2. Try to bring the presentation full circle by linking the conclusion to the introduction
  3. Ensure images / text are shown for long enough to be able to read properly
  4. Try not to include images or quotes that are not relevant
  5. Be specific about intent (eg how to / not to include text
  6. Be clear about how one’s own work contextualises with others
  7. Imaginative creative visual points of view
  8. Take care when referring to specific brands
  9. Interesting narrative for viewer engagement
  10. Be prepared to change one’s own point of view and acknowledge it
  11. References to other artists’ work can successfully illustrate own work
  12. How mini – projects could work within a larger piece of work
  13. Consider the aesthetics versus the message